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released April 9, 2012



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PUSHMETHOD New York, New York

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Track Name: Champagne
I am a lamb and I am a lion
I am an alien, I’m all-American
I am a layman, I am sedition
I am infinite and I am this moment

People under the sickest hats
Chase the rats cool cool cats
In the city, walk the city
My kicks are crawling
I got no dollars but I'm drunk every night despite the fact that I'm wrong
People only fly when they're constantly falling.

Don’t cloak your eyes the light is blind in the shades you wear
If you’ve got soul go on and share it
Can you hear me?
I can feel you?
The only way to the sky is hitting the pavement with your dirty little secrets
Go on, shout it out
Then you can follow me falling constantly

I'm playing the game of pain
I'm writing my songs up on the train
Cause in my brain I just remain in the biblioteca
I love the taste of champagne
Sitting back on my jet plane
Cause yo, people only fly when they're constantly falling
Track Name: How We Get Down
I don't care where you've been
I don't care what you've seen
I don't care what you do
I don't care what you make
We all feel it in the shimmy shake
Move your body to the bounce in the beat
Come on and move those feet
Come on and groove it with me

Let go, Let's go rock the show tonight
Everybody come dance your asses off
Everybody dance 'til you're passing out
This is how we get down

I don't care what's come to pass
I just want this moment to last
I don't care about the future or its gravity
This is a song about the here and now
This is a song about getting down
So don't you give me no line
Just move your body in time

Let go, Let's go rock the show tonight
Everybody come dance your asses off
Everybody dance 'til you're passing out
This is how we get down
Track Name: I'll Stay
You make me smile
But it’s been a while now since I’ve seen the girl that I first knew
Now I feel more like a fool for, baby, falling hard for you
But it wasn’t mine to choose
The only thing I chose to do was to keep on chasing you
You and your wild ways
Go on and make your waves
No, I’m not trying to change you, baby
I just want to spent the best of times with you

Are you hearing me when I say these things to you?
There is so much more than you give me credit for
So, stop your gaming me or I’ll be leaving you
But I don’t want to go
Give me the girl I knew before
And I’ll stay

Never said that I wanted to have or to own you
I just want to hold you and feel that warmth return
But still there’s so much that I want to say
But I won’t push it on you, babe
I know the way to make love stay is let it free to fly away
Track Name: Scars and Stripes
Controlling the sun
Growing the power
Behind the wall
High in the tower
Look down and focus through all the wire
Super the power devour the tower the water the rice and the flour
My institution, raising a flag, started off as a bloody rag
Talking attendance raising my hand
Pledging allegiance I'm in command
Mic in my hand
I have a voice
You don't have a choice
Sit there and listen
Tagging my name up on your Rolls Royce
We fight for the weak
Just so you can eat
We're never discreet
Correction: We put this beat down in the street
Get out of your seat, ejection!

We’re obsessed with chasing money
We’re impressed by frenzied celebrity
Dressed in avarice we’ll eat you
For cannibals we’re forced to be

Talking a breath
Gotta reboot
All computers are prostitutes
They're talking the loving away from you
You're born today, I'm praying for you
I wanna go fight
I wanna go die
So you can laugh and cry
So you can stare into my eyes and know just where my heart resides
And that's the prize that I'm winning
Just lay me down in my blues
Comb my hair brother
Shine my shoes
Carve my name up in the wall
Next to others that had to fall
For those who stood and heard the call
I'll die you you all

We’re billions strong, yet I am lonely
Belly’s full, yet I feel empty
Look to the mirror, it makes me angry
For poverty is all I see

We are buried in ambition
But we are no longer blind
Aint there more to being human
Than all this pettiness we seek
Track Name: Morph
Coming through the haze
For all that I know its my final hour
So I live every second of my life to the tenth power
Till the put me under the flowers, I never live dull
You wanna see the real me then you gotta dig up my skull
Cause this music's in my bones from my toes to my dome
And the way that I shine you would think my skin was made of chrome
So please leave my alone
If your punches are thrown
I'm a very hard headed dude and I got balls of stone
And I'm still an unknown till my music is shown
You see my coming off of the track like a ride on the cyclone
So let it be known my heat is steel not chrome
With the silencer on it to hear the bullet hit the bone

It’s said that up ahead is a dead end road
We’re headed straight for the edge
But I don’t give a damn
The only way to get up is by going down

I'm not trying to scare you but baby I scare myself
And most people who know me will tell you that I need help
Because they say that I'm angry and you can hear the pain in my voice
I'm watching the television staring at white noise
Then again flip it around you can ask anyone
When I die my soul will shine brighter than any sun
I'm the ready one crossing the line morph into beast mode
Invincible like I just entered the cheat code
Then I try to run but before I can leave
I look up and see the puppeteer that controlling me
Scream with all my might and try to run away
But nothing comes out of my mouth
No control of my legs
Then the lights dim
The people start in fascination
The curtains close and I receive a standing ovation
You see I'm looking for something else that I can believe in
But if seeing is believing, looks are deceiving

You know that we got you going
To a place that you wanna be
Open the door
Jump inside
Close your eyes
Now come on
Come and take that ride with me
Come and take that ride with me

Heard it said that up ahead is a dead end road
We’re headed straight for the edge
But I don’t give a damn
Got a reason and a feeling that all this is illusion
Track Name: Am I Able?
See I can’t add you up baby there is no equal
I live like a movie girl and there is no sequel
I cant rock for you, I do it for the mother fuckin people
You're too beautiful for me
See my minds in a cell and my hearts in a rib cage
Vision of our love is like a blood filled cupcake
Take one bite and let the blood spill out
See my minds on a ride step away let me peel out.

I can’t make you love me
Am I able still?
To love you if you loved me
Am I able still?

And you left your heart open so wide
Waiting for me to come inside
But I'm still standing in your stairway
And although I tried to climb your steps
It seems that I’ve now run out of breath
But maybe one day you can help me to breathe

Pain, it was my picket line
It passes much faster when you push it right
But what have you got to loose in the end
I gave my heart when I was young and into believing
It was my currency for the queen
But now I’m covered in frost
Now I’ve found all the color’s lost
It’s the change that I did not see
It’s the grey that has become me emotionally
Track Name: Get Lost
Walk with me, no GPS
Get lost with me
No microchips planted in me
I'm not a hippie but I do hippie things
From the old world, you had to fight to get the girl
You have to dive to get the pearls
If you were lost you found your own way

You never know until you get in the game
Life sucks you gotta rub with the grain
We'll never stop until you're hearing the name
You gotta lace em up, march on, search on

We are the way
Looking for the way

Put my hand in the air to get a cab
Don't swipe, beat feet on the fare
Somewhere around Washington square
I can smell the music in the air
Which way do I turn, I never learn, hand is burned
I don't need to be a billionaire,
I'd rather be broke and walk up a billion flights of stairs

St marks east vil, alphabet city
Sang my heart out at planet rose
The west 4th corner rap kid, there it is
40's on the Brooklyn bridge

Foot print, leave a dent
In the sand, in the snow or the concrete
No matter anywhere I go now
Foot print leave a mark in your mind in your heart
I fucked up and I want a new start

Yo I don't use google, I use my noodle
Pull out my compass, whole kit and kaboodle
See I get my azimuth and lay down my map
I had to get lost to find my way back
Track Name: Blood in the Water
I was loved when I was a boy
I had toys, Mama made sure
Jesus loves all the boys and girls
For the Bible tells me so
My world was filled with promise and providence
My family and my friends
I had everything I needed
But was naieve with a head full of foolish beliefs
Having no idea what was waiting for me

I was a kid who would steal from the candy store
I was a kid now everybody would ignore
I ran away and I would try to get as far as I can
But every time I wound up where I started again
I ran further
Away from my father
Because he hurt her
Blood is not water
And I would stand there and just watch him take it
She had a heart I would just watch him break it
Until one day
Think It was a Sunday
I shouted out now this is what your son say
Me and mommy ain't gonna take it no more
I bit him back, then I spit his blood on the floor
Then he looked at me and saw his crazy little child
With a bloody smile, I think his brain went wild
That's when he turned away, before he walked out the door
He looked at me and said “Yo, son, Happy Birthday”

You better beware
There’s blood in the water, yeah
Can’t you feel it?
Them signs are pointing right and left
We’re adrift in it
The balance is lost in the red
The only grey left is the grey in your hair
You politicians better take care
Them boots are troopin’ everywhere
Track Name: Box Me Up
If I die in the combat zone
Box me up one time and ship me home
Pin all my medals upon my chest
Tell my mama that I’ve done my best

Walking the street my feet are striking the concrete
With effect of an army and all my boots are behind me
And all you hear is the battle rattle
The war paint, war cry
When I die aim for the stars in the sky like sci fi
Yellow foot prints, mommy I miss her
I got my weapon and I was free
Set me up in the fire team
The 3rd squad, 3rd platoon, 3rd battalion the best medallion
We give each other nicknames just for fun
They call me the little gunner boy
Rumm pa pum pum
Not a fan of the government, but the son's patriotic
By the age of 18 threw more guns than onyx
The weapons are subsonic
The trigger finger's bionic
The barrel exhales the rounds
Like Snoop exhales chronic
So now you understand the kid can never be corny
I'm like a garden baby doll I make my dirt work for me

This is my rifle
There are many like it but this one is mine
My rifle is my life. I must master my rifle as I must master my life
Without me my rifle is useless without my rifle, I am useless
I must fire my rifle true